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Couple Traveling


As queer travelers, we have always longed for a one-stop-shop for queer travel resources. This website started out as a homework assignment, but we found during conversations with friends and fellow queers that folks were kind of excited about our concept. On a whim, we decided to make the information we gather available to everyone and see what happens.

So here's where we're at....we want to be 100% community based. We will not charge a fee to be listed on this website. We want our resources to come from other queer travel sites, business owners, and word of mouth. This will strictly be a collected list of queer resources - the QTC does not review businesses nor does it represent the businesses on this site.

Also, we are brand spanking new, so we are currently only focusing on US travel (which is a lot!), but if this takes off (which we hope it does) we would like to branch out to include other countries and resources.

Thanks for being here!

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